heudiconv.parser.find_files(regex, topdir='.', exclude=None, exclude_vcs=True, dirs=False)

Generator to find files matching regex Parameters ———- regex: basestring exclude: basestring, optional

Matches to exclude
If True, excludes commonly known VCS subdirectories. If string, used as regex to exclude those files (regex: /.(?:git|gitattributes|svn|bzr|hg)(?:/|$))
topdir: basestring, optional
Directory where to search
dirs: bool, optional
Either to match directories as well as files

Given a list of files, possibly extract some from tarballs For ‘classical’ heudiconv, if multiple tarballs are provided, they correspond to different sessions, so here we would group into sessions and return pairs sessionid, files with sessionid being None if no “sessions” detected for that file or there was just a single tarball in the list

heudiconv.parser.get_study_sessions(dicom_dir_template, files_opt, heuristic, outdir, session, sids, grouping='studyUID')

Given options from cmdline sort files or dicom seqinfos into study_sessions which put together files for a single session of a subject in a study Two major possible workflows: - if dicom_dir_template provided – doesn’t pre-load DICOMs and just

loads files pointed by each subject and possibly sessions as corresponding to different tarballs
  • if files_opt is provided, sorts all DICOMs it can find under those paths